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Antique Floor Lamp
Antique Floor Lamp Design inspired by Traditional Tripod Lamps. Ideal for Home & office de..
Antique Tripod Spotlight
ANTIQUE TRIPOD SPOTLIGHT Design inspired by Antique Spotlights.  These Lamps are ide..
Chrome Finish Mini Tripod Floor Lamp
CHROME FINISH MINI TRIPOD FLOOR LAMP Design inspired by Traditional Search Lights.  These..
Desk Lamp with Tripod Stand
DESK LAMP WITH TRIPOD STAND Design inspired by Retro Lamp.  These Lamps are ideal fo..
Directors Special Office Lamp
DIRECTORS SPECIAL OFFICE LAMP Design inspired by Ship Headlight.  These Lamps are id..
Hotel Lobby Lamp
HOTEL LOBBY LAMP  Design inspired by Antique Floor Lamp.  These Lamps are ideal..
Industrial Chrome Flaps Tripod Lamp
INDDUSTRIAL CHROME FLAPS TRIPOD LAMP Design inspired by Hollywood Studio Lamp.  These&nbs..
Industrial Chrome Tripod Floorlamp
BLACK & NICKEL MINI TRIPOD Design inspired by Nautical Lamps.  These Lamps are i..